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Colormotion is an innovative art program that nurtures children’s imagination and creativity through art ! We offer an array of art programs to meet the expressive needs of our community!

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  • Special Art for         Special hearts 

    in partnership with Jar of HeARTS.      This creative art program is dedicated to providing children with disabilities and medically ill the ability for self-expression, helping them flourish and reaching their full potential in the art world.

    Promotes: Eye-Hand coordination, fine motor skills, Socialization, creativity, concentration, collaboration, confidence and problem solving.

  • ARTism

    Join our technology infused class designed for children with sensory processing disorders. Children will be using ipads to create works of art

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  • Atelier workshops

    Learn how to paint, sculpt, and design in a 2 hour session.This workshop embodies STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) interdisciplinary learning and will serve as a opportunity for children to innovate, collaborate, create and problem-solve – all 21st century learning goals, along side our scientist and studio artist

  • Paint & Play classes

    Explore the world of arts through colors, textures and music with your child in a 45 minute sensory mommy and me class.

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  • Art at the Park

    In partnership with the City of Doral and Miami Dade Parks and Recreation, Colormotion offers the community an experience to paint in plain aire at local parks. Follow us on social media  for upcoming event dates!

  • Open paint session

    Step inside our pop up art studio and dare to be creative with friends in a 2 hour open Atelier session.

  • Birthday Celebrations !

    2 hours of entertainment
    Includes 1 energetic party host!
    Face painting
    Art project
    Parachute activities
    Happy Birthday Confetti Grand Finally!

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About Us

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Message From our Creator

“I value those things done by small children; they are the first and purest source of artistic creation.” – Lizzy Hiciano


What adults call wrong in child art are the most beautiful and most precious. I value those things done by small children; they are the first and purest source of artistic creation. I see children full of potential and respect their feelings, questions and respect them as a whole. As a Reggio-inspired Atelierista, I believe that children must have 100 ways and opportunities to express themselves. Just as Howard Gardener suggested, there are multiple forms of knowing. There are also many ways of expressing, demonstrating, and interpreting knowledge. By providing my students with different art experiences such as drawing, painting, sculpting, printmaking and performance art, as well as allowing them to experiment with different tools and materials, I help my students find themselves, develop as artists and highlight their talents.  I believe that it is important to connect math, science, reading, language arts and technology with the arts in order to motivate young artist to invent, create, and problem solve. By exposing them to the art community in our city such as visiting art museums, professional art studios and inviting local professional artist to share their techniques and talents with my students I strive to inspire and help develop them as young artist.

Jar of heARTS

Visit today to learn more about this community heART project inspired by one of our students!

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parent reviews

  • We had ColorMotion host our daughter's 3rd birthday and it was amazing! All the kids enjoyed their time painting. All of our guest couldn't stop talking about how cute the children looked painting with their berets.Ms.Lizzy is so sweet with the children. She is a gem! I can't wait to start classes at ColorMotion.

    Jennifer Fernandez Parent
  • Had a wonderful time at ColorMotion ! Ms.Lizzy is amazing with all the children and all the moms are so nice and welcoming. I definately recommend the mommy and me classes if you are looking to meet new mommy friends.

    Allison Simpson Parent
  • My children love Ms.Lizzy. She's super creative and fun! My daughter loves going to her Sunday atelier class. Worth every penny!

    Aria Rodriguez Parent

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